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    • Welsh alphabet
    • The Welsh alphabet, including double letters that are counted as a single unit in Welsh
    • Long Welsh place name
    • Spell the name of that place in Wales with the really long name. (Hint: There's a quadruple L in it at one point...)
    • Welsh place names
    • See place names in Welsh, and enter the equivalent in English. Not all of them are in Wales!
    • Official minority languages of the UK
    • Name the languages protected under the United Kingdom's ratification of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. These are all indigenous languages, and do NOT include languages mainly spoken by immigrants. The numbers of speakers are only a rough clue as estimates differ significantly.
    • UK languages (living & extinct)
    • Name the indigenous languages of the United Kingdom. Include living languages, and also extinct languages which were formerly spoken within the current territory of the UK. Disclaimer: all definitions of "indigenous" and "language" are inherently controversial!
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