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    • NATO phonetic alphabet
    • Name all the code words of the NATO phonetic alphabet (also know as the ICAO spelling alphabet or the international radiotelephony spelling alphabet).
    • Long Welsh place name
    • Spell the name of that place in Wales with the really long name. (Hint: There's a quadruple L in it at one point...)
    • Icelandic volcano
    • Spell the name of the volcano that erupted in Iceland in April 2010, causing travel chaos in Northern Europe.
    • England players with first-name surnames
    • Name the players in the 2010 England squad whose surnames can also be first names. Examples of famous people with these first names have been given as a clue. (Exact spelling may vary.)
    • Mary Poppins' long word backwards
    • Spell the 34-letter word that is sung about in the Disney film "Mary Poppins" backwards (as mentioned by Mary Poppins in the middle of the song).
    • Know your Husseins
    • One name (two spellings), three very different men. Fill in the blanks and learn the difference.
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