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    • Queen albums
    • Name all of Queen's studio albums; don't include live albums and compilations.
    • British monarchs
    • Name the British monarchs since the Acts of Union 1707. Use roman numerals with the name where required, e.g. "Peter IX"
    • Commonwealth Realms
    • Name the 16 nations of the Commonwealth Realm of which Queen Elizabeth II is monarch and head of state.
    • English dynasties
    • Name the houses of the English monarchs before the Acts of Union in 1707.
    • Best-selling music artists
    • Name the top 5 best-selling musical bands or artists in the world, by claimed sales of albums, singles, compilation-albums, music videos as well as downloads of singles and full-length albums.
    • University of London colleges
    • Name the colleges of the University of London. (Common abbreviations have been given where applicable, otherwise main subject areas have been given as clues.)
    • You're Hired
    • Name the contestants who have won each season of The Apprentice. (Only first names needed.)
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