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    • UK political party leaders
    • Name the leaders of the political parties with representation in the House of Commons, as of April 2010.
    • Deputy Prime Ministers
    • Name the people who have occupied the office of Deputy Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, or held an equivalent position as Deputy to the Prime Minister (Deputy Party Leader or First Secretary of State). Dates in office and Prime Ministers are given as clues.
    • Poker hand nicknames (Texas hold 'em)
    • Can you name these Texas hold 'em pocket card nicknames? Use the following abbreviations: A,K,Q,J,T, (e.g. Ace+Ten = AT, King+Six = K6). Correct order not required.
    • Westlife
    • You are very good fan or know nothing at all
    • Will McKenzie's nicknames
    • Complete the nicknames given to Will from The Inbetweeners in the first episode of season 3 in response to the exam incident.
    • New Zealand Sports Teams Nicknames
    • Name the NZ sport that matches the nickname! Don't forget to specify the gender of the playing team! eg. Racquet Blacks = Men's Lacrosse (This is an example only and is not a true fact).
    • Denmark 1 - 3 Japan 24 June 2010
    • Name all the players who took part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Group E match between Denmark and Japan. (Y = Yellow card, R = Red card, G = Goal, On = Subbed on, Off = Subbed off)
    • NBA teams
    • Can you name all the teams in the National Basketball Association (as of 2010)?
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