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    • Original Premier League map
    • Label the football clubs who were part of the Premier League in its inaugural season, next to their location on the map.
    • Japanese Prefectures Quiz
    • Test your knowledge of Japanese geography! Type each of the names of the 47 prefectures to enter them onto the map.
    • British Isles #1
    • General knowledge about the British Isles from the "British Isles Song" by Kathy Troxel/Audio Memory copyright 2004. from "Geography Songs" Go to (800)365-SING to order CD, cassette, book, world map with lyrics. Order mp3 from, or itunes
    • USA - Southern Border States
    • Type the names of the southern border states of the USA in order from west to east. You may learn this as a song. It's available for purchase on CD, video, cassette or DVD here: (800)365-7464 or download it from or itunes under "States and Capitals Songs" by Kathy Troxel copyright 2004 Audio Memory.
    • "Canada Song" from "Geography Songs" by Kathy Troxel/Audio Memory
    • Learn the "Canada Song" from "Geography Songs" by Kathy Troxel/Audio Memory. Fill in the blanks. "Geography Songs" book, CD, cassette tape and world map are available from (800)365-7464 mp3 available from or or itunes
    • South American Country Map
    • South America Country Map Quiz w/the Falkland Islands. Type the name of the country according to its number on the map.
    • NHL logos
    • Name the teams of the National Hockey League from their logos.
    • Eastern Border States of the USA - Florida to Maine
    • Listen to the "United States Eastern Border Song" from "States and Capitals Songs" by Kathy Troxel/Audio Memory (800)365-7464. CD, DVD,mp4, m4v,mp3, video, cassette and USA Map available from mp3 also available from or or itunes Fill in the blanks.
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