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UK Politics's quizzes

    • UK political party logos
    • Give the full names of the political parties in the UK with elected representation at a national or international level, from their logos. Party names and acronyms have been removed from the logos where appropriate.
    • UK political party leaders
    • Name the leaders of the political parties with representation in the House of Commons, as of April 2010.
    • Anagrams: election
    • List the words that can be made using letters in the word "election". Words must be 4 letters or longer, each letter can only be used once.
    • Smallest UK constituencies
    • Name the ten smallest UK Parliament constituencies in the UK, by electorate. (For the 2010 general election.)
    • Constituencies quiz
    • Name the constituencies from the clues given, about the 2010 UK general election.
    • Party manifestos 2010
    • Name the parties to whom each manifesto for the 2010 UK general election belongs.
    • Acts of Parliament UK
    • Name these Acts of Parliament, important in UK constitutional history, from their descriptions.
    • Political manifesto front pages 2010
    • Name the political parties to whom these manifesto front covers belong to, for the UK general election 2010. (We've blurred them so you can't just read the words!)
    • Exit poll UK 2010
    • Fill in the figures of the BBC/Sky/ITV exit poll of the 2010 UK general election, announced at 10 pm.
    • Exit poll UK 2010 revised
    • Fill in the figures of the revised BBC/Sky/ITV exit poll of the 2010 UK general election, announced at around 11 pm.